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It usually depends on your fitness levels, the type of training you
undertake and the intensity you are training at. But you should
always remember that something is always better than nothing.
Try to fit in a quick HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout
or go for a short run if only you have 30 minutes to spare. In case
you are doing a strength workout, set more time for warm ups and
take enough rest between sets where you needn’t be slogging for

Generally, weight lifting will help you burn most of the calories.
Do workouts which increase your heart beat and drenches you with sweat.
This can burn more calories to speed up your metabolism if done on a
regular basis. HIIT exercises burn at least 25% – 30% more calories than
a steady-state exercise such as a run. Henceforth, combine cardio,
weights and HIIT specific training besides a diet plan which can lead to
calorie deficit, an effective route to lose weight.

Exercising helps you to reduce stress and improve your
self-confidence to alleviate anxiety and improve concentration.
Moreover, it releases endorphins which boosts the feeling of
happiness. But you should not over strain as this itself can put
your mind and body under stress raising the level of stress hormone
cortisol. The better key to maintaining mental health is to do your
exercise with a proper workout plan and healthy diet chart.

Getting a six pack is not so easy by just doing 100 sit-ups per day
as it won’t guarantee a defined set of abs; You need to combine
different workouts to reduce body fat. You should be cautious to
follow a perfect diet plan and also include some cardio and fat
burning HIIT in your daily routine. Track your calorie intake using
apps like ‘HealthifyMe’ or ‘My Fitness Pal’ to help you succeed in
your weight loss goal. After which, you can work on core exercises
which include plank variations, bicycle crunches and cable rotation
to target the abdominals and increase the muscle mass.

If you want to experience real changes with best results definitely you should mix up your routine. As you can see if you repeat the same workouts or use the same weights it will plateau by stopping the response to the training stimulus. It is advisable to increase the intensity, frequency and the type of training as often as you can.

If you wish to build your muscles, you should start weight training.
Lifting heavy weights is very effective to rip the muscle fibres and
also it replaces the damaged muscle fibres to form new strands which
increases the muscle size enhancing the thickness. Choose heavier
weights for lower reps and take a longer pause between sets. Also
don’t forget to increase your calorie intake as you need to feed your
muscles if you want them to grow.